Disadvantages of Social Media

Hello my Angels

Apologies for my absence for so long. I’m finally back with something new once again. As we all know Social networks have a big part in the book of internet. Social media encourage your communication with friends, promote new acquaintances and facilitate the access to information scattered on the Internet by collecting it in one place.

Social networks are undeniably convenient and practical. Am I asking you to get rid of the use of social media completely? No. I simply need you to think about the outcomes of uncontrolled dedication to social media and to know how to prevent these consequences.


So What Harmful Consequences Can Be Caused By Social Networking?

There are various upsetting impacts related to social networking, which i want to point out to you.


I think it is not a mystery that online networking can cause severe addiction. Addiction occurs because of the activities that take place on social media which leads the censors in your brain to stimulate. for example, when people click the “like” button on facebook or any other social networking sites, or reply to your comments or make comments on your photo it encourages to visit these sites regularly.

Lack of Attention Span 

A long time spent on social network activities can cause deterioration of attention and concentration.

while communicating using social media, people constantly switch tasks from reading comments, to viewing videos, checking updates or even replying back to text messages. During such activity, people’s attention dwells on one thing not very long and constantly switches to another one. It also forms a certain habit of learning information. You get used to receive information in small portions, constantly switching from one type of information to another, for example, from replying to a comment to some video viewing.

This habit creates difficulties in attention concentration. It is more difficult to hold your attention on one thing for long. For example, a person, who is used to communicate using social networks, will experience some discomfort while reading a book. Because there will be no constant pop out on the right of the book page telling that “you have received a new message” or “someone has clicked the “Like” button on your photo/comment.”

Stress and Fatigue

Constant switching from one task to another, which can occur during the work with social media, strongly tires your brain. The brain gets tired of the information abundance, especially if this information is received chaotically, in small portions, but rather quickly.

The brain takes time and quiet to “digest” the received data and to process the information. But instead of this, many people continue to stuff it with new information from social networks or Internet, keeping away from some rest.

Tips on how to prevent harm 

As I said at the beginning, social networking is not only evil. It is also very convenient: it helps you communicate, share information, find old friends, keep abreast of the events.You should bind the sack before it becomes full. The same can be applied to the social media pastime.

Making small changes can help in many ways. such as limiting your time on social media. visit facebook, twitter etc three times a day and let your brain relax for some time. Instead you should try to make friends and communicate in the real world. Its not that I dont use any social media. I use social networking sites on a daily basis. But as I am guiding everyone else, I am guiding myself at the same time.

I hope this blog is helpful for you all, especially for the younger generation.

Dont forget to like, share and leave your thoughts below to allow me to make this site more entertaining and useful for you all.

Much Love

Jass xx

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