Is life really unfair?

Hello my Angels

Is life really unfair?

Our idea of fairness isn’t actually obtainable. It’s really just a coat for wishful thinking.

Wouldn’t life be insane if life was actually ‘fair’ to everyone? People will stop loving the love of their life, just because they are too scared of breaking a heart. Relationships would come to an end with both lovers dying at once. Raindrops would not fall on all the good people, raindrops would only fall on the bad people. Now that is unfair.

Most of us don’t see how the world works, in fact we are all busy looking at how the world should work. But reality is never what we want it to be like.

Have you ever looked at someone and wished you were like them? I have!! But why? You are unique in your own way. We often think its not fair that they are better than me but maybe you have a talent that they don’t. so whos better now?

We need to learn to love ourselves and keep your head up high. Life isn’t fair but its not unfair either. We make it unfair ourselves

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my views.

Lots of love

Jass x


2 thoughts on “Is life really unfair?

  1. I heard it said somewhere that life can be unfair and unkind with the occasional good day thrown in…

    ‘We don’t always get what we deserve, when life goes well, it’s a sudden gift.’


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