Exam Stress and Exam Preparation

Hello my angels.

This post is all about exams and exam pressure which we all have gone through at some point in our  lifetime.

Some students can be comfortable with exams and they put their head down to study and revise, however other people can find exams a complete nightmare.

To overcome exam stress, you first need to know the reason behind the anxiety. Some students are very bright but there are many factors that can bring their levels down. This includes:

  • Not enough motivation
  • Not enough revision and planning
  • Pressure from friends and family/ High expectations
  • Competition from friends and class mates.

There are so many different ways to overcome stress and I will be mentioning a few below.

  1. Get enough sleep!!!!!

Sleep is so so soooooo important. Not having enough sleep can lead to tiredness and anxiety. Most importantly, a good nights sleep can help your brain to transfer the new knowledge into the long-term memory so that you can remember it when it comes to exam day

  1. Take notes.

Take as many notes as you can during your class. Our memory isn’t strong enough to memorize everything that is said in class. You can review your notes at any time when you start to feel exam stress, this way you will remember what was said in class and there you go you are one step ahead of the rest.

  1. Give yourself rewards regularly

Reward your study time. You deserve it. This will motivate you and bring your stress level down. For instance, after studying hard for an hour, take a break and play on the internet for 20 minutes or watch an episode of a TV show that you enjoy. This will help you get your mind off the exam while acting as a motivational carrot that may help you pick up studying again after your break.

  1. take it easy and don’t rush!

Take your time going through the exam paper. It may just be that one particular question your stuck on. Rather than wasting your time on one question, skip the question and return back at the end if you have time remaining.

  1. Hydrate

Not drinking enough water can affect how well you brain functions. Make sure to drink water before your exam. If you have permission to take a water bottle with you to your exam then do so. I’m so sure you will need water during your exam!


These are just a few little tips that I hope will help many of you guys.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog

Don’t forget to leave a comment or a review and I will try my level best to act upon your thoughts and views.

Yours Truly

Jass xx



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